A Series of Unfortunate Real Estate Events
Chapter One

The Semblance Seller

We represented a newlywed couple buying their first home. Our Buyers and the Seller met at the inspection. The Buyers told the Seller they were excited to purchase their first home and start a family. There was talk about leaving behind a TV and a bookcase, but there was no final decision. Fast forward to the final walk through. The Seller left behind all kinds of items including baby shoes, and a personalized baby chair, various furniture and a lot of household items. When we asked why she left things behind, she claimed she did it to be courteous, and left it as a gift to the Buyers.

How Did we Resolve This?
We held money back while the Seller agreed to hire someone to come pick up the items left behind.

How to Avoid This:
Whenever you list a property, it is our recommendation to tell the Seller that if he/she plans on leaving anything behind, it should be cleared with the Buyer, preferably in writing. While this Seller was trying to be nice, the Buyers had not agreed to any of this, and had the extra headache of moving and disposing of the unwanted items.

Whenever on the buyer’s side and a Seller is leaving items behind, I would suggest having a signed addendum outline on what is to be left behind and include a line stating no items should be left behind without the consent of all parties.

In order to avoid this issue, hire someone who has dealt with this before, and make sure we handle your clients closing.

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