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Connecticut Real Estate Closing Attorneys offers legal representation for those engaged in the buying and selling of real estate in the Hamden, CT, area. We work to ensure that all parties have the appropriate documents, agreements, and protections during these transactions.

The Legal Side of Buying & Selling Property

In some states, a buyer is not required to obtain legal representation during a property purchase. In Connecticut, a real estate attorney is required to verify that the title to the property in question is valid, that there are no outstanding liens on the property, and that everything is in line to proceed with the closing.

In addition to these services, we offer further assistance during your transaction. We will prepare and register the required legal documents; review the mortgage terms, including fees and rates; issue title insurance to protect against any unforeseen issues with the title; review the entire sales agreement; and attend the closing to ensure the buyer’s rights are protected throughout.

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Real Estate Agents

We are not real estate agents. We supply the legal expertise necessary for purchase agreements, mortgage documents, and more. We look forward to partnering with area agents to represent their clients during property transactions.

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