The Series of Unfortunate Real Estate Events

Chapter Three

The Cherished Chandeliers

We represented the Buyer in the purchasing a new home. The transaction went smoothly, until the Buyer got through the walk through to discover something missing. The Seller decided on his own to take the Chandelier, because it has sentimental value. Buyer would have not had an issue with this but there were a bunch of wires hanging from the ceiling.

How did we resolve this?
This was extremely easy my client did not care. He was planning on changing the light. He was more annoyed than anything else. It supposedly saved him some money of having someone remove it.

Ways to Avoid this in the future:
We need to first start with what is a fixture: A fixture is anything if it is removed will leave damage to the property. There are two ways to hand this in the future.

  1. Make sure the buyer knows that the Chandelier (fixture) is not part of the contract and the Seller will be taking the Chandelier
  2. If your Seller plans on taking the Chandelier (fixture), have the Seller remove it prior to listing the property, and repair the damages or replace the fixture.

In order to avoid this issue, hire someone who has dealt with this before, and make sure we handle your clients closing.

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