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Closing on a Home From the Seller’s Perspective

Sellers Require Representation, Too!

Both buyers and sellers require representation during the closing process. Disagreements in the contract or various other issues can populate that require an attorney to smooth out. When selling a home, you are required by law to use an attorney to complete the paperwork and officially close on the home. Work with Connecticut Real Estate Closing Attorneys. Although we’re located in Hamden, CT, we serve home buyers and sellers across the state.

Buying a Home
Refinancing a Home

Title Repair

The buyer’s attorney will order a title search to check for any liens or open mortgages. If they find a lien or open mortgage, we will work with you to clear it up and ensure they are closed by or on the closing date. You don’t want to get prepared to sell your house and then hung up on a lien. With our help, you can get rid of the lien and move forward with the selling process.


When does the inspection happen, and how should I prepare?

If you agreed to allow an inspection, it will happen shortly after you accept the buyer’s offer. If you know that your home needs repairs, let your Realtor know. They may advise you to have them repaired before the inspection.

What is the final step?

Once the inspection is done and the house has been appraised, the final step is to sign all the paperwork, receive the funds, and transfer ownership of the home to the buyer.

What are the seller’s responsibilities?

The primary responsibilities of the seller include:

  • removing all possessions from the home unless they were included in the sale
  • making any agreed-upon repairs
  • cleaning the house or hiring a cleaner

When will I receive payment for selling my home?

Once the home is closed on and the final walk-through is complete, then you may receive payment. We will either wire the payment, send a check in the mail, or you may pick up a check from our office in Hamden, CT.

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