A Series of Unfortunate Real Estate Events

Chapter Two

The Ham-Hande
d Handyman

We had a client who was selling his home. The inspection revealed that the roof was older and shall be repaired or replaced. Nothing was stated if a license professional was needed. Therefore, the Seller replaced the roof himself. Of course, the day of the walk through the buyer saw this and asked for an invoice and the Seller informed the Buyer he did it himself since the agreement did not require a licensed professional.

How did we resolve this?
We told the Buyer he had two choices, close or not. If he did not close, he would be in breach of contract and we will keep your deposit. The Buyer did not have a leg to stands because of the way the addendum was written.

Ways to avoids this:

1.Have us review your addendums.

2. Have us draft the addendum for you.

3. Include language require work being done by a license and insurance Connecticut Professional.

Side note: There are only a few licensed Trades Professionals.
  1. Heating Air Conditioning
    1. Heating Air Conditioning – installing, servicing and repairing heating and air conditioning systems.
    2. Sheet metal work – Work on duct work.
    3. Hearth Products – work with propane or natural gas fireplaces and similar items.
  2. Home Improvement contract which includes but not limited to driveways, swimming pools, porches, garages, roofs, siding, insulation, flooring, patios, landscaping, painting, fences, doors and windows, and waterproofing.
  3. Electrician.
  4. Plumber and pipe fitting.
In order to avoid this issue, hire someone who has dealt with this before, and make sure we handle your clients closing.


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